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Mon, 19 Feb 2018

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Science Lab Equipment

In 2008 R.A. Long chemistry and physics teacher Mr. John Tietjen approached the Board regarding his desire to procure a number of Venier LabQuest hand-held computer devices for advanced science students at R.A. Long. The R.A. Long Class of 2008 had already donated several Vernier LabQuest devices. Mr. Tietjen wanted to obtain 14 of the data collection and analysis tools (one for each lab station). He informed us that learning to use these measurement devices would be of great benefit to students interested in a variety of careers in the sciences.

Vernier LabQuest

We purchased four devices with sensors for the R.A. Long Science Department in February 2009. This complemented the gift of two devices from the R.A. Long Class of 2008. The R.A. Long Science Department had already purchased two. In March 2010 the Board authorized the purchase of six additional devices with sensors. This donation from the Association completes the goal of one LabQuest device per lab station.

Mr. Tietjen with Students

Mr. Tietjen has already been able to incorporate the LabQuest data collection devices into the curriculum.

Thank You From Students