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Mon, 19 Feb 2018

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Lumberjack Log Restart

The school newspaper has always been an essential part of the high school experience and an essential learning tool for students. R. A. Long High School was no exception with The Lumberjack Log. For a variety of reasons, however, The Lumberjack Log had been discontinued.

In Spring 2005 some students and their teacher, Mike Fajardo (RAL Class of '86), began to consider bringing back the school newspaper. R. A. Long had been without a student-run newspaper, The Lumberjack Log, since 1993.

These students approached the Alumni Association with request for assistance. They made a presentation about the lack of a student-run newspaper and their goals. The Alumni Association agreed to provide a grant to pay for the first issue and to purchase a full-page advertisement.

The newspaper has changed name a couple of times this first year back, The Jack and Jill Login being one, but the same dedication to teaching students and being an essential part of the high school experience remains.

The Association is also providing space on the web site to host each issue. Scroll down, if necessary, to find links for each issue.

First page of first issue.
First Issue First Page Photo
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Thank you letter.
First Issue Support Thank You
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Issues of the Lumberjack Log

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