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Fri, 23 Mar 2018

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Longview High Schools Harmonize Senior Project

R.A. Long High School and Mark Morris High School have harmonized their senior project programs.  The Daily News has an excellent front page article summarizing the changes to the senior projects.

R.A. Long's senior project was long considered the more difficult, challenging project to complete.  When I was a senior, Gary Ekegren had a very challenging paper that was required to pass his Contemporary World Problems class.  This paper was the forerunner of the senior project.  As I look back, and as Gary Ekegren said many times, the paper written for his class was one of the proudest achievements while at RAL.

My two children were required to complete the senior project (2005 and 2007).  It was tough.  The project seemed to be rewarding to both seniors.  Unfortunately, as we worked on one of the projects we learned that many people in the community believed that RAL's was too difficult.  We were told by some people that their high school students would not be attending RAL simply because they did not want to their students to have to work on a "hard" project.

In many respects, it is a shame that the Longview School District has chosen to make the RAL senior project less "rigorous."  Frankly, by the time kids are seniors i high school they should be able to take on demanding, challenging projects and succeed.  If not, they will have difficulty as adults.


Update:  10-23-2011

The Daily New  published an opinion regarding the change in the senior project today.  They were very appreciative of the opportunity to see the work of R.A.L. seniors and, at times, learn from the students.  The Daily News expressed dissapointment that R.A. Long senior project has become "less rigorous."  Read the full Daily News editorial here.