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Wed, 21 Mar 2018

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Hall of Fame - Introduction

Next Induction Ceremony: March 22, 2013.


R. A. Long High School established a "Hall of Fame" in 2005. The first inductees were the 1981 Washington State Girls Basketball champions. Winners of several other awards, including the Wally Whitted Award and Marlen Petersen Award, were automatically inducted into the "Lifetime Achievement" section.

The Hall of Fame seeks to recognize outstanding people associated with R. A. Long High School. The Hall of Fame hopes to attain this goal by honoring members of the R. A. Long community in the following areas:

Previous Inductees

You can view the previous inductees: Individual, Team, and Lifetime Achievement.

Plaques honoring all inductees are located in the R. A. Long High School in the south alcove in the main hallway.

Selection Criteria and Committee

A Selection Committee has been established to review all nominations and select the year's inductees. The current committee consists of:

  • Ty Morris (R. A. Long Athletic Director)
  • Doug O'Connor (R. A. Long Alumni Association President)
  • Dwight Cranston
  • Brian Price
  • John Pisapia
  • Lyle Caulkins

The basic qualifications for nominations are as follows:

  • Candidate must have participated in any sport or activity at R.A.Long High School.
  • Candidate must have graduated at least 10 years ago from R.A.Long High School.
  • Candidates who are deceased may be nominated.


If you know of an individual or a team that should be a member of the R. A. Long Hall of Fame then please download the nominating form, follow its instructions, and return it to the Selection Committee.

Nomination Form


The Hall of Fame is not a project sponsored or controlled by the Alumni Association. It is driven by the school itself. The Alumni Association provides this space online. We also provide one member of the selection committee.


This category seeks to recognize "Notable achievement by an individual in a sport(s) or activity at the varsity level."


This category seeks to recognize "Outstanding achievement by a varsity level team in a single season."

Lifetime Achievement

This category seeks to recognize "Notable contribution to R. A. Long High School and prominent in their professional, personal, and inspirational achievements. This category includes a coach, pioneer, administrator, teacher, graduate, or supporter. Candidate is not required to have participated in sports or activities nor attended R. A. Long."