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Mon, 19 Feb 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions


"Is my membership or donation tax deductible?"

Yes, maybe. The Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. Your membership dues, cash donations, and other donations may be tax deductible. We are not tax advisors, so we cannot say with certainty that in your situation you may deduct your membership dues or other contributions to the Association from your taxes. When in doubt, please ask a qualified professional for tax advice.

"Do you guys do scholarships?"

No, the Association does not "do scholarships" at this time. The question of scholarships was something that the Association wrestled with during the founding process. R. A. Long High School has a Foundation dedicated to providing scholarships to qualified students. The scholarships provided or administered by the Foundation come from a variety of sources. If you are interested in scholarships then please contact us and we can direct you to the appropriate resource.

"How can I help?"

We're very glad you asked! You can help in several ways:

  • Join the Association as an Annual or Lifetime Member
  • Purchase Alumni Merchandise
  • Spread the word about the Association and recruit new members
  • Join a committee to plan events or projects
  • Make a donation
    • Cash
    • Memorabilia
    • Memories and recollections

"What happened to the forums?"

Unfortunately, the Forums had to be removed from the web site. There are many less than legitimate commercial enterprises that have armies of people and computers that do nothing but send e-mails and post messages to online forums. They hawk a variety of dubious products and services. What these entities try to sell is really incompatible with the mission of the R. A. Long Alumni Association. It is also unfortunate that type of rampant abuse of services is a fact of life on the Internet.

Many organizations that have forums on their web sites also have employees or, in the case of large charities, volunteers that spend hours every day screening forum messages and blocking the inappropriate ones from the forum. That level of management of the forums is simply not within our resources at this time.

The Forums may return if an automated mechanism can be found to prevent inappropriate usage.

We apologize for any inconvenience the removal of the Forums may cause.

"What is RSS/Atom?"

RSS and Atom are two protocols for defining the syndication of news, articles, or content in general on the Internet. These are also commonly called "web feeds".

Most modern browsers (such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome) have support for automatically discovering content feeds on a web site. Each browser represents the discovery of a feed in a slightly different way. The table shows some common examples.

Internet Explorer 7 Firefox 2 Opera 9 Safari 3
IE7 Feed Example FireFox Feed Example Opera Feed Example Apple Safari Feed Example

Most modern browsers and most web sites use the icon below to identify the presence of one or more web feeds.

Feed Icon

The links below have introductory articles on the specific protocols used in these news feeds.

This web site uses both feeds as some web browsers or feed aggregators have a preference for one or the other type. Both feeds here have the same content.