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Fri, 23 Mar 2018

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Masthead Images

The images shown below were used to create the masthead on the web site.

Image Credit Notes
Bell Tower at Night Bob Stack ('61)
Unknown Class unknown
Go 4th Festival Mike Chess ('86)
Go 4th Festival Mike Chess ('86)
R.A. Long High School Roof Line Kearby Chess ('07)
R.A. Long High School Roof Line Kearby Chess ('07)
R.A. Long High School Roof Line (Sepia-toned) Kearby Chess ('07)
R.A. Long High School Roof Line (Black & White) Kearby Chess ('07)
R.A. Long High School Peak Detail Kearby Chess ('07)
R.A. Long Quotation unknown


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I strongly believe in standards and adherence to the standards. That is particularly important for applications that are intended to run in many locations. Web sites are really nothing more than special types of applications intended to run in browsers. This web site has been built with that in mind and every page on ralongalumni.org should validate to the standards below.

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