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Arlie DeJarnatt (Teacher)

Arlie DeJarnatt
HoF Lifetime Achievement
Induction Year

Arlie Urban DeJarnatt was born November 13, 1923 in a log cabin in Glezen, Indiana, the 5th of 7 children born to Clyde and Clara DeJarnatt.  The family later moved to Belvedere, Illinois, where Arlie graduated from Belvedere High School in 1941.  Arlie was known in high school for being a dedicated serious student and a successful varsity track sprinter.  After high school Arlie enrolled at Oberlin College and was on the track team.  He transferred to Cornell University after his freshman year and was on the varsity track team, President of his fraternity Delta Phi Ro and was Men’s Senate Honor Key. He graduated from Cornell University with a BA but not until 1948.  His delay in graduating from Cornell was due to a 3 year tour in the Marines from 1943 to 1946, during World War II.  After returning from the war Arlie married his Oberlin College sweetheart, Donna Stoffel in Colorado.  He began his teaching and coaching career in 1948 at Sterling,  Colorado after graduating from Cornell.  While teaching there he enrolled at University of Northern Colorado in the Masters program and received his MBA in 1951.  In 1953 he moved his family to Longview to begin his teaching career there at Monticello Jr. High until 1958, when he transferred to R.A. Long High School.  While at R.A. Long he taught history and civics besides coaching track, cross country, wrestling and football (not all at the same time).  At R.A. Long Arlie was widely regarded as a Master Teacher, faculty leader and mentor, as well as a respected coach, who encouraged good sportsmanship.  Many of the athletes and teams he coached won numerous athletic titles.  While teaching Arlie continued post-graduate studies at the University of Washington, Portland State University and Indiana State University.  A former student in one of his civics classes remembers that it was easy to tell that “teaching the basics of our government was very important to Mr. DeJarnatt and dear to his heart”.  It came as no surprise to most of his students and peers when he decided to become involved in the governing powers of Washington State as an elected official.  His first elected position was to the Washington State House of Representatives from 1961 to 1970, while continuing with his teaching at R.A. Long.  Arlie enjoyed enlightening his students with his experiences as a State Representative, he retired from teaching at R.A. Long in 1973.  He served on the staff of U.S. Representative Don Bunker for four years before being elected as a Senator to the Washington State Senate in 1985 and 1989.  Before he could complete his second term as Senator he passed away in August of 1990.  Arlie was described as the “Quintessential Public Man” during his political career.  His children described their father as a “man devoted to serving his constituents as able as he could during his service”.  His son John states, “I would call I would call him a true statesman in light of the way many politicians are viewed today, There were few who held to the strict idea of public service in representing those who elected him, as my Dad”.  Arlie also had a high regard for the importance of family in his everyday life.  He left behind his wife of 44 years Donna, sons John and Steven, daughters Judy, Susan and Lise.