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1984 Volleyball Team - State Champions

1984 Volleyball Team - State Champions
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"Jill’s success is built on hard work", this is an article headline from the Daily News, November 15, 1984.  This article depicts what the 1984 R.A. Long Volleyball team was all about.  Their team motto was, "We Believe", "We Can", "We Will", and they proved that in every game they played.  With the return of five seniors; Suzanne Barnes, Andrea Gallagher, Denise Gervenack, Donna Smith and Amy Earnest, who was an All Conference selection of 1983, the team had their experienced players in place.  They started the season with the carry over of 44 wins from 1983 and ended with a cumulative winning streak of 58 league wins and still counting.  They were again first in the league, first in district and of course first in state.  Six of the players were named to the All Conference Team;  Donna Smith, Amy Earnest, Andrea Gallagher, Judy Galovin, Suzanne Barnes and Pam McNamara.  Co-Captains: Donna Smith and Suzanne Barnes.  As a Coach Bill Marshall was inducted into the R.A. Long Hall of Fame in 1997 and The Washington Volleyball Coaches Hall of Fame in 2008.


  • Suzanne Barnes
  • Georgia Davison
  • Amy Earnest
  • Andrea Gallagher
  • Judy Galovin
  • Denise Gervenack
  • Brenda Grimes
  • Kris Harmon
  • Roberta Mawae
  • Pam McNamara
  • Joani Rooklidge
  • Donna Bell
  • Bill Marshall (Head Coach)
  • Susan Meyer (Assistant Coach)
  • Nancy Myklebust (Assistant Coach)