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1953 Basketball (Boys) - League Champion

1953 Basketball (Boys) - League Champion
HoF Team
Induction Year

The 1952-53 basketball team, whose season record was 19 wins and 5 losses, with ten wins and no losses in league play, took their 10-0 league record into the state tournament and went 2 wins and two losses to place sixth at state.  Gary Earnest was selected for first- team All-State and LeRoy Nelson to the second team.


  • Bob Schuh
  • Dale Smith
  • LeRoy Nelson
  • Bob Anderson
  • Bob Peterson
  • Gary Earnest
  • Dick Schwartz
  • Don Brown
  • Richard Day
  • Chuck Marsh
  • Dale Whitesides
  • Jim Parsons
  • Sonny Estes
  • Jerry Burke
  • John Niemi
  • Jim Andrew
  • Robert McDonald (Manager)
  • Chuck Myklebust (Manager)
  • Joe Moses (Head Coach)



In what has to be a highlight of basketball history at R.A. Long, the two season records combined for 37 wins and only 11 losses including non-leagues game, and posting 20 wins and no losses for their league games. These teams deserve a glow of pride for their accomplishments. During their respective seasons, several men were placed on the Clark-Cowlitz League All-Stars, they included Earnest, Nelson, Westrick, B. Anderson, Marsh, Larson, Whitesides, D.  Anderson, and Scherer.